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September 2013
 QSAC, Brisbane, QLD 
  30th     5km   2013 Australian University Games - 5000m Walk  
 SOPAC, Sydney 
  29th     3km   Athletics NSW All Schools Warmup Meet - 3000m  
      5km   Athletics NSW All Schools Warmup Meet - 5000m  
 Dolomore Oval, Mentone, VIC 
  28th     5km   Mentone Saturday Walkers - 5000m  
 Townsville Sports Reserve, Townsville, QLD 
  27th     1.5km   Athletics North Qld T&F Champs - 1500m U14  
      5km   Athletics North Qld T&F Champs - 5000m U18  
      0.8km   Athletics North Qld T&F Champs - 800m U11  
 Lake Wendouree, Ballarat 
  15th     6km   BRWC - 6km Handicap - Graeme Nicholls Trophy  
      1.5km   BRWC 1.5km Handicap  
 Middle Park, Melbourne, Victoria 
      50km   Victorian 50km Open Championship Men  
      4 hour   VRWC 4 Hour Endurance Walk  
      6 hour   VRWC 6 Hour Endurance Walk  
      10km   VRWC Road Races - 10km  
      20km   VRWC Road Races - 20km  
  14th     12 hour   VRWC 12 Hour Endurance Walk  
      24 hour   VRWC 24 Hour Endurance Walk  
 Lake Neangar, Bendigo, VIC 
  8th     3.2km   Bendigo Walkers Club Roadwalks - 3.2km Handicap  
 Adelaide Parklands, Adelaide 
  7th     1km   SARWC Road Walks - 1km  
      2km   SARWC Road Walks - 2km  
      3km   SARWC Road Walks - 3km  
      5km   SARWC Road Walks - 5km  
 Lennox Gardens, Canberra, ACT 
      1km   ACTRWC Road Walks - 1km  
      2 hour   ACTRWC Road Walks - 2 Hour Walk  
      3km   ACTRWC Road Walks - 3km  
      4 hour   ACTRWC Road Walks - 4 Hour Walk  
      5km   ACTRWC Road Walks - 5km  
 Middle Park, Melbourne, Victoria 
      10km   VRWC Road Races - 10km  
      1km   VRWC Road Races - 1km U9  
      2km   VRWC Road Races - 2km U12  
      3km   VRWC Road Races - 3km  
      3km   VRWC Road Races - 3km U15  
      5km   VRWC Road Races - 5km  
 Peacock Road, South Parklands, Adelaide, SA 
      5km   SAMA Road Walks - 5km Turkey Handicap  
 SOPAC, Sydney 
      3km   NSWCHSSA T&F Championships - 17+ 3000m  
      1.5km   NSWCHSSA T&F Championships - U15 1500m  
 Symmons Plains, Launceston, Tasmania 
  1st     10km   Australian 10km U18 Championship - Men  
      10km   Australian 10km U20 Championships  
      20km   Australian 20km Open Championships - Winter  
      3km   Australian 3km U14 Championships  
      5km   Australian 5km U16 Championships  
      5km   Australian 5km U18 Championship - Women  
      10km   RWA 10km Championship - Open and Masters Women  
      2km   RWA U12 2km Championship  
      1km   U10 1km Invitational Walk