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 Name  Club

    Lai, Tsun Cheun     Other Club - NSW
    Lake, Andrew     Other Club - QLD
    Lamb, Christian     AV - Brunswick Athletics Club
    Lamb, Steven     AV - Brunswick Athletics Club
    Lambrick, Tyson     Little Athletics - VIC
    Lampe, Aidan     Little Athletics - SA
    Lane, Zach     AV - Frankston Athletic CLub
    Langbridge, Leo     Little Athletics - QLD
    Larkins, Jared     AV - Corio Athletics Club
    Larocca, Mario     RWA - ACT Race and Fitness Walking Club
    Latham, Nat     RWA - ACT Race and Fitness Walking Club
    Laurence, Peter     AV - Diamond Valley Athletic Club
    Lavell, Nicholas     Little Athletics - QLD
    Law, Joshua     Little Athletics - QLD
    Lawes, Bryce     Little Athletics - TAS
    Lawrence, Linkin     RWA - Western Australian Race Walking Club
    Lawrence, Luke     RWA - Western Australian Race Walking Club
    Lawson, Corey     AV - South Melbourne Athletic Club
    Lazar, Dennis     AV - Diamond Valley Athletic Club
    Leamer, Corey     AV - Geelong Walkers Club
    Leatherland, Simeon     RWA - Race Walking Club of Western Australia
    Lecky, Aidan     Other Club - QLD
    Lee, Billy     Little Athletics - SA
    Lee, James     AV - Old Melbournians Athletics Club
    Leerberg, Martin     Little Athletics - NSW
    Lees, Mitchell     RWA - Western Australian Race Walking Club
    Lees, Robert     Little Athletics - QLD
    Lefebvre, Sam     AV - Old Xaverians Athletic Club
    Legentil, Marc     Overseas
    Leggett, Andrew     Masters - QLD
    Lehane, Connor     Little Athletics - QLD
    Lemon, James     Little Athletics - ACT
    Lenane, Tom     RWA - Western Australian Race Walking Club
    Leota, Izaya     RWA - Racewalking Queensland
    Leurs, Ethan     Little Athletics - WA
    Lewis, Cain     AV - Bendigo Harriers
    Lewis, Declan     Little Athletics - WA
    Lewis, Leandar     AV - Wyndham
    Lewis, Robert     Masters - VIC
    Leydon, John     RWA - South Australian Race Walking Club
    Lilley-Hale, Tristan     AV - Knox Athletic Club
    Lim, Sim Beow     Other Club VIC
    Lindenberg, Paul     RWA - Racewalking Queensland
    Lindsay, Sam     RWA - Tasmanian Race Walking Club
    Linke, Alex     AV - Collingwood Harriers
    Linke, Christopher     Overseas
    Littke, Corey     RWA - Western Australian Race Walking Club
    Little, Bayden     RWA - New South Wales Race Walking Club
    Little, Jeremy     RWA - Victorian Race Walking Club
    Little, Morgan     RWA - New South Wales Race Walking Club
    Lloyd, Barry     Masters - SA
    Lo, Dylan     Little Athletics - QLD
    Lo Iacono, Antonio     Little Athletics - SA
    Lockwood, Christopher     Masters - VIC
    Long, David     AV - Preston Athletic Club
    Long, Isaak     AV - Preston Athletic Club
    Lonsdale, David     AV - Bendigo University Athletic Club
    Lont, Geoff     Masters - VIC
    Lord, Daniel     Overseas
    Lord, Johathon     Overseas
    Lory-Smailes, Harry     Little Athletics - ACT
    Lotherington, Bill     AV - Bendigo Walkers Club
    Lotherington, David     AV - Ballarat Walkers Club
    Louey, Nathanial     Little Athletics - VIC
    Louis, Jordan     Little Athletics - ACT
    Loveday, Barry     RWA - Australian Centurion Walkers
    Lovell, Matthew     Masters - SA
    Lovick, Riley     Little Athletics - VIC
    Lowe, Daniel     RWA - Race Walking Club of Western Australia
    Lowe, Roger     Masters - SA
    Lubke, Matthew     Little Athletics - NSW
    Lucas, Alan     Masters - VIC
    Lucas, Jaydon     Little Athletics - QLD
    Lucas, Ryan     Little Athletics - SA
    Luck, Greg     AV - Diamond Valley Athletic Club
    Lui, Yuan Chow     AV - Doncaster Athletic Club
    Luke, Peter     AV - Wendouree Athletic Club
    Lukies, Nicolas     AV - Melbourne University Athletic Club
    Lukowski, Erek     Little Athletics - ACT
    Lumakovski, Sasho     AV - Whittlesea City Athletics Club
    Lusty, Max     Other Club - NSW
    Lutui, Samiuela     AV - Athletics Nunawading
    Lylak, Kevin     Other Club VIC
    Lynch, Richard     RWA - Racewalking Queensland
    Lyttle, Alex     RWA - Racewalking Queensland
    Lyttle, Jayden     RWA - Racewalking Queensland