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Results          All recorded races for this date

27th May 2018

Number of athletes racing today:     112

Total distance raced today:     519,000 metres

 Middle Park, VIC 
             3km   AV Country and VRWC U14 3km Roadwalk Championships  
             3km   AV Country and VRWC U16 3km Roadwalk Championships  
             5km   AV Country and VRWC U18 5km Roadwalk Championships  
             10km   Victorian 10km Roadwalk Championships  
             10km   VRWC Roadwalks - 10km Walk  
             2km   VRWC Roadwalks - 2km Walk  
             5km   VRWC Roadwalks - 5km Walk  
             1km   VRWC Roadwalks - U10 1km Club Championships  
             2km   VRWC Roadwalks - U12 2km Club Championships  
 Morningside, QLD 
             5km   QRWC Roadwalks - C Grade 5km Walk  
             2km   QRWC Roadwalks - E Grade 2km Walk  
             1km   QRWC Roadwalks - F Grade 1km Walk  
             10km   QRWC Roadwalks - A Grade 10km Walk Women  
             15km   QRWC Roadwalks - A Grade 15km Walk Men  
             8km   QRWC Roadwalks - B Grade 8km Walk  
             3km   QRWC Roadwalks - D Grade 3km Walk  
 Shelley, Perth, WA 
             1.5km   WARWC Roadwalks - 1.5km Walk  
             10km   WARWC Roadwalks - 10km Walk  
             5km   WARWC Roadwalks - 5km Walk