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19th June 2010

Number of athletes racing today:     161

Total distance raced today:     737,800 metres

 Albert Park, Melbourne, Victoria 
             10km   VRWC Road Races - 10km Open  
             1km   VRWC Road Races - 1km Under 9  
             2km   VRWC Road Races - 2km Under 12  
             3km   VRWC Road Races - 3km Open  
             3km   VRWC Road Races - 3km Under 15  
             5km   VRWC Road Races - 5km Open  
 La Coruna, Spain 
             20km   IAAF Racewalk Challenge Series - La Coruna Leg  
 Lake Tuggeranong, Canberra 
             1km   ACT Race & Fitness Walking Club - 1km  
             3km   ACT Race & Fitness Walking Club - 3km  
             6.6km   ACT Race & Fitness Walking Club - 6.6km  
 Narrellan, NSW 
             10km   Regal Racewalkers Winter Roadwalks - 10km Division 1  
             2km   Regal Racewalkers Winter Roadwalks - 2km Division 4  
             5km   Regal Racewalkers Winter Roadwalks - 5km Division 3  
 Tempe, NSW 
             1.5km   NSWRWC Road Races - 1.5km Under 12  
             10km   NSWRWC Road Races - 10km Long Division  
             3km   NSWRWC Road Races - 3km Under 16  
             4km   NSWRWC Road Races - 4km  
             8km   NSWRWC Road Races - 8km