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19th July 2014

Number of athletes racing today:     186

Total distance raced today:     1,077,200 metres

 Lake Tuggeranong, Canberra, ACT 
             2km   ACTRWC Roadwalks - 2km  
             6.6km   ACTRWC Roadwalks - 6.6km  
 Middle Park, VIC 
             10km   Victorian Roadwalk Championships - 10km  
             3km   VRWC Road Races - 3km  
             1.5km   VRWC RWA Challenge - 1.5km U10  
             10km   VRWC RWA Challenge - 10km Masters  
             2km   VRWC RWA Challenge - 2km U12  
             3km   VRWC RWA Challenge - 3km U14  
             5km   VRWC RWA Challenge - 5km U16  
             8km   VRWC RWA Challenge - 8km U18  
 Peacock Road, Adelaide, SA 
             15km   SARWC Road Races - 15km  
             2km   SARWC Road Races - 2km  
             3km   SARWC Road Races - 3km  
             5km   SARWC Road Races - 5km  
             8km   SARWC Road Races - 8km  
 South Parklands, Adelaide, SA 
             15km   SAMA Roadwalks - 15km Club Championship  
             4km   SAMA Roadwalks - 4km Yacht Handicap  
 Tempe, NSW 
             1km   NSWRWC Road Walks - 1km U12  
             2km   NSWRWC Road Walks - 2km U16  
             3km   NSWRWC Road Walks - 3km  
             6km   NSWRWC Road Walks - 6km  
             8km   NSWRWC Road Walks - 8km  
 Tunbridge, Tasmania 
             10km   Tasmanian Roadwalk Champs - Masters 10km  
             2km   Tasmanian Roadwalk Champs - U12 2km  
             3km   Tasmanian Roadwalk Champs - U14 3km  
             5km   Tasmanian Roadwalk Champs - U16 5km  
             5km   Tasmanian Roadwalk Champs - U18 5km