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Welcome to Racewalk Australia

RacewalkAustralia.com is an unofficial results website which attempts to maintain a comprehensive listing of all Australian walking performances done both in Australia and overseas. It is paid for, controlled and maintained by Tim Erickson with help from John Constandinou of England and has been in existence since 2009. This is an independent website and has no connection to Racewalking Australia or to Athletics Australia.

There are different types of walking events. These range from fun walks and charity walks, to courses with measured distances and times, long distance challenges, nordic walks, and finally race walking events. New walkers are encouraged to try an event. Existing walkers are encouraged to progress to more advanced events.

What is race walking?

Race walking is a faster version of regular walking and is a recognised dicipline of athletics, included in the Olympic Games. It is regulated by the IAAF and judged so that you maintain a good walking technique. Points are awarded based on how fast you complete a fixed distance, and rankings are produced both for Australia and internationally.

Race Walking Record
Race Walking Record