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Event Results

  Date:    17 October 2009      View all races for this date    Re-order by age grade
  Distance:    5km
  Race:    World Masters Games, Sydney, 5000m Track Walks  
  Location:    Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Track, Sydney, NSW

Note that I can only add results for walkers whose DOB is known. That is the only way I can ensure that they end up in the correct age group. If you competed and your name is not in the results, contact me and advise your State and DOB.

 Gender   Position   Athlete   Age Group   Grade   Club   Time    Points   Speed 

  F   1     Heather Carr   W60   88.71%     VIC-MA     00:27:50.56       815   10.778 km/h
  F   1     Barbara Bryant   W55   80.88%     VIC-MA     00:28:55.63       764   10.375 km/h
  F   4     Donna-Marie Elms   W45   67.94%     VIC-MA     00:32:14.80       618   9.307 km/h

  M   1     Colin Heywood   M55   85.36%     ACT-MA     00:24:51.98       593   12.072 km/h
  M   1     James Christmass   M40   75.18%     VIC-MA     00:25:54.97       517   11.583 km/h
  M   1     Murray Dickinson   M70   84.98%     VIC-MA     00:28:59.55       328   10.351 km/h
  M   1     Robin Whyte   M65   77.11%     ACT-MA     00:30:22.00       256   9.879 km/h
  M   6     Geoff Barrow   M60   68.20%     VIC-MA     00:31:39.70       198   9.479 km/h

  M   DQ     Gordon Onley   M70   VIC-MA        
  M   DNF     Russ Dickenson   M60   VIC-MA