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Event Results

  Date:    5 July 2009      View all races for this date    Re-order by age grade
  Distance:    10 minutes
  Race:    QRWC 10 Minutes Track Walks  
  Location:    University of Queensland Track, St Lucia

 Gender   Position   Athlete   Age Group   Grade   Club   Time     Speed 

  F   1     Mikaela Woodward   U10W       RWQ   1633 metres   00:10:00        0.000 km/h

  M   1     Peter Bennett   SM       RWQ   1507 metres   00:10:00        0.000 km/h
  M   2     John Harris   M35       RWQ   1130 metres   00:10:00        0.000 km/h
  M   3     Ignatio Jimenez   SM       RWQ   1130 metres   00:10:00        0.000 km/h