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Event Results

  Date:    23 May 2021      View all races for this date    Re-order by age grade
  Distance:    1.5km
  Race:    NSW Short Walk Championships - U11 1.5km  
  Location:    Chipping Norton, Sydney, NSW

Results are restricted to the first 3, along with others already known to the results database. The male winner is quoted as Tyler Cousins with 4.45. This time is obviously incorrect so he is left out of the results

 Gender   Position   Athlete   Age Group   Grade   Club   Time     Speed 

  F   1     Erin Cassilles   U11W   88.41%     NSWRWC     00:07:47        11.563 km/h
  F   2     Alexia Mathison   U11W   83.62%     NSWRWC     00:08:00        11.250 km/h
  F   3     Olivia Loring   U11W   81.91%     NSWRWC     00:08:10        11.020 km/h
  F   4     Cacia Charles   U11W   83.58%     NSWRWC     00:08:14        10.931 km/h
  F   8     Nikki Hearden   U11W   73.46%     NSWRWC     00:09:22        9.609 km/h

  M   2     Callum Martin   U11M   85.92%     NSW-LAA     00:07:26        12.108 km/h
  M   3     Mitchell McCarthy   U11M   83.67%     NSWRWC     00:07:38        11.790 km/h

  F   DQ     Gemma Dixon   U11W   NSWRWC