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Event Results

  Date:    3 March 2018      View all races for this date    Re-order by age grade
  Distance:    1.1km
  Race:    Little Athletics Western Australia T&F Championships - U10 1100m  
  Location:    WA Athletics Centre, Perth, WA

The first 3 will be listed, along with those walkers in the first 10 who are already known to the database via previous races.

 Gender   Position   Athlete   Age Group   Grade   Club   Time     Speed 

  F   1     Izabella Stubberfield         WA-LAA     00:06:07.9        10.790 km/h
  F   2     Ava Hutchinson         WA-LAA     00:06:09.2        10.732 km/h
  F   3     Jasmine Williams   U11W       WA-LAA     00:06:13.0        10.617 km/h
  F   4     Heidi Thompson         WA-LAA     00:06:23.3        10.339 km/h
  F   7     Layla Dabala   U11W       WA-LAA     00:06:49.9        9.682 km/h

  M   1     John Ronan   U11M       WA-LAA     00:05:42.3        11.579 km/h
  M   2     Jesstine Morales   U11M       WA-LAA     00:05:44.6        11.512 km/h
  M   3     Liam Russell         WA-LAA     00:06:43.1        9.826 km/h
  M   4     Luke Lawrence   U11M       WA-LAA     00:06:56.2        9.519 km/h