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Event Results

  Date:    23 June 2019      View all races for this date    Re-order by finish position
  Distance:    1.2km
  Race:    LANSW Roadwalk Championships - U10 1.2km  
  Location:    Chipping Norton, NSW

Results are restricted to the first 3, along with any other walkers who are already known to the database.

 Gender   Position   Athlete   Age Group   Grade   Club   Time     Speed 

  F   1     Kiara Stanley   U11W       NSWRWC     00:06:16        11.489 km/h
  F   2     Maisie Mitchell   U11W       NSW-LAA     00:06:19        11.398 km/h
  F   3     Natasha Flahey   U11W       NSWRWC     00:06:26        11.192 km/h
  F   4     Matilda Webb   U11W       NSWRWC     00:06:39        10.827 km/h
  F   5     Zoe Murphy   U11W       NSWRWC     00:07:22        9.774 km/h

  M   1     Blake Birmingham         NSW-LAA     00:06:33        10.992 km/h
  M   2     Christopher Nilon   U11M       NSWRWC     00:06:56        10.385 km/h